new stock image showing new harnesses and martingale collars

New Stock Added

If you have bought from us before, then you'll know how much I value your feedback. I want Snootiful Hound to become the most trusted shop for sighthounds in the UK and beyond, and I want you all to be a part of that journey.

The most common feedback / request we've gotten was to add new colours to our sighthound harness and our martingale collars.

Well I listened, and I'm very pleased to say that we've added two new colours to our sighthound escape proof harness, along with matching martingale collars, available in light grey and olive green!

New Sighthound Harnesses:

Here's our new colours, I can't wait to see how good your sighthounds look in them! Get yours here.

new harnesses in green and grey

New Martingale Collars:

We added two matching martingale collars to our collection as well! Get yours here.

new martingale collars in grey and green
I hope you'll love our new products as much as I do! If you have any feedback or suggestions for what you want to see from us next, please do let me know! You can contact us here.
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