Collection: Martingale Collars for Greyhounds, Whippets & Lurchers

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Martingale Dog Collars for Whippets, Greyhounds, Lurchers, Italian Greyhounds and all Sighthound Breeds

Our martingale collars are incredibly comfortable whilst making sure that your dog cannot slip out of their collar, a common issue when using other types of collar.

A greyhound martingale collar, or a whippet martingale collar, are great due to the breeds' slim heads which otherwise makes it easy for them to slip out. Whilst we especially recommend them for sighthound breeds, they are also suitable for all other breeds.

A martingale dog collar works by gently tightening if your dog pulls, just enough to stop the collar from being able to slip over their head, but not enough to cause discomfort. They are suitable for use with puppies too.

Our collars feature a wide design to relieve pressure on your dogs' fragile neck and are made from soft but sturdy materials, offering the perfect blend of safety and security.

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