Greyhound Harness - Choosing A Harness For Your Greyhound

Greyhound Harness - Choosing A Harness For Your Greyhound

Greyhounds are such beautiful dogs, so it’s only natural that we want to make sure we’re doing what’s best for them.  That’s probably why you’re considering a greyhound harness in the first place. But there are certain considerations we must make when shopping for a greyhound harness due to how unique these dogs are. But by the end of this article, you’ll be an expert ready to get the best greyhound harness available.

Why you should use a greyhound harness

As responsible dog owners, we all know that our first priority with our dogs is their safety, and that’s why we recommend using a greyhound harness when walking our hounds.

I’m sure it isn’t news to you to hear that greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog, but did you know they can reach top speeds of up to 45 miles per hour in just a few strides? Now imagine using a collar to bring your dog to a halt at those speeds. Are you wincing yet? Me too. This kind of strain can cause lasting damage to the neck and trachea.

That’s why we would always recommend using a harness for greyhounds as it shifts the pressure away from the fragile neck down towards the stronger chest and body which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Greyhounds, as is the case with most sighthounds, are also prone to slipping out of traditional collars due to their narrow head. Whereas other breeds have a wider header that acts almost as a barrier to prevent a collar slipping off, this isn’t the case with a greyhound. You could solve this issue by using a greyhound martingale collar, but then you’re still faced with the safety concerns raised above, so this is another reason to use a greyhound harness.

Note - greyhounds are also prone to slipping out of traditional harnesses too (are you spotting a pattern here), but there is a solution and we will come back to this soon.

Choosing the best greyhound harness

So now we know why we should use a greyhound harness, let’s explore how to pick the best greyhound harness for our dogs.

Escape Proof

First and foremost, we always recommend an escape proof greyhound harness. As mentioned before, greyhounds are prone to escaping from traditional harnesses. They’re also not exactly known for their recall, so you may find them getting loose and then you’ll have to chase them down (good luck!).

Inspired by my own sighthound’s escape act, we have created a 3 strap harness just for greyhounds and other sighthound breeds to solve this problem. As you can see in the image below, the third strap tucks behind the chest which prevents the harness from slipping forwards to make sure your greyhound stays by your side, and not over the horizon chasing a rabbit.


We all know how sensitive greyhounds can be, and for good reason. They lack the natural cushioning that excess fat and fur provides other dogs, so you need a harness that is comfortable so that they will love wearing it.

Firstly, you need a padded harness. The important areas are the front chest piece, chest strap, and the belly strap if you're choosing a 3 strap escape proof harness like ours. This makes the harness feel like a big hug for your greyhound and will prevent rubbing and discomfort.

Secondly, you need a good fit. You don’t want a harness that moves all over the place, but you also don’t want a harness so tight that it digs in or restricts movement. Pick a harness that is the right size for your greyhound and that allows plenty of adjustment to get the right fit. You should measure your greyhound first to ensure you buy the right size for them.

Thirdly, greyhounds are prone to rubbing and chafing from poorly designed harnesses, or rather harnesses that don’t account for the unique needs of sighthounds. As mentioned, they don’t have the natural protection that other dogs have that carry extra body fat and fur. To avoid these problems, you will want a y-shaped harness like the one shown below – this allows plenty of room around the front legs, a common area for chafing, so that there’s no rubbing or restriction of movement. At Snootiful Hound, we went one step further and also covered the buckles so that these won’t rub either.

padded chest on harness for greyhounds and whippets

What is the best harness for greyhounds?

Introducing The Snootiful Hound Greyhound Harness

sighthound harness features

We are a sighthound only brand that was inspired by my own sighthound, Blondie, a rescue Saluki mix. I actually started Snootiful Hound because she kept escaping her harness, and after a bit of research I found out how common this is with sighthound breeds. So I set out to create the perfect harness for the perfect dogs.

So we’ve already done the hard work for you and designed the best greyhound harness available, with every feature designed with sighthounds in mind.

It is escape proof, padded in all the right areas, designed for your greyhound’s unique body shape so it will be super comfortable, won’t rub, and will not restrict movement. It even has 5 points of adjustment so you can get a custom fit that will almost mold around the shape of your greyhound.

We’re also sighthound experts so we can offer any advice that you need, and we donate 10% of all profits to our local greyhound rescue, so when you shop with us, you’re helping dogs just like yours!

Check it out here, and be sure to check out all of our 5 star reviews to see why our greyhound harness is so popular!

lurcher in 3 point dog harness


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